PEN C 2019

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Summer 2019 and we have a major update for ExamReader!

In our ever-ongoing quest lớn promote reading confidence, independence and literacy as well as usability we have some great news lớn share.

More languages

To enable and assist even more people lớn read on their own we have added several new languages and accents and now tư vấn people with reading difficulties reading British, American, Scottish, Irish, Indian and Australian English, Spanish and Latin American Spanish, the Scandinavian languages Swedish (our native tongue), Danish and Norwegian as well as Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.

New features

Aside from that, we have improved usability. To make it easier lớn customize the pen a setup guide walking you through the most important settings is shown the first time the product is powered up. The guide can also be run rẩy manually – see SettingsRun wizard. In Text Reader mode it’s made easier lớn clear the screen from text and start over with a blank screen. It is also possible lớn disable the automatic reading of each scanned line, allowing the user lớn scan and listen lớn larger paragraphs more conveniently. With Pause/Resume it is possible lớn halt the speech whenever there is a need lớn take a breath and digest the information. This feature also makes it possible lớn stop, scroll back, and re-listen lớn a specific part of the text that is especially important or complicated.

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All in all this does not only help with reading, but also literacy. And better understanding makes learning easier.

Since earlier versions, but it’s worth mentioning again, there is a Talking menu, enabling thực đơn navigation even for e.g. visually impaired users.

Contact us

Do not hesitate lớn tương tác us or our exclusive distributor Scanning Pens if you represent people with special needs related lớn the languages we tư vấn, and are interested in knowing more about products and best practice.


Visit our Download page and kiểm tra if your ExamReader is upgradeable.

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