UNDERSEA WORLD Môn Tiếng anh Lớp 10

Unit 9: Undersea World

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E. Language Focus



– Language content:

+ To help the students pronounce the sounds / ia  / and / ea /, / ua / in words and sentences.

+ To provide the students the second condional.

– Language function:

+ To help the students pronounce the sounds in English correctly.

+ To help the students use the language in communication correctly.

–  Educational aims:

+ To help the students be aware of using language in sentences.


a.Vocabulary:      review the previous vocabulary

b.Structures:          the second conditional sentence


• Listen and repeat.

Unit 9 Sách Giáo Khoa Tiếng Anh 10

• Practise these sentences.

1. Let’s have some beer, dear.

2. What a good idea! The atmosphere here is very clear.

3. Where are my shoes? They are nowhere here.

4. Have you looked carefully everywhere?

5. 1 am sure he is far from poor.

6. Well, actually he usually wears casual clothes.

Grammar and vocabulary (Ngữ pháp và kể từ vựng)


Exercise 1. For each situation in brackets write a sentence with should or shouldn’t + one of the phrases in the box below. (Với từng trường hợp vô ngoặc, viết lách một câu với should hoặc shouldn’t + một cụm kể từ vô khuông tiếp sau đây.)

go away for a few days       go to tướng bed so sánh late

look for another job             put some pictures on the walls

take a photograph               use her xế hộp so sánh much

1. (Liz needs a change.) She should go away for a few days.

2. (My salary is very low.) You_______

3. (Jack always has difficulty getting up.) He________

4. (What a beautiful view!) You________

5. (Sue drives everywhere. She never walks.) She_______

6. (Bill’s room isn’t very interesting.) He ________

Gợi ý :

1. She should go away for a few days.

2. You should look for another job.

3. He shouldn’t go to tướng bed so sánh late.

4. You should take a photograph.

5. She shouldn’t use her xế hộp so sánh much.

6. He should put some pictures on the wall.

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Exercise 2. Read the situations and write sentences with I think / I don’t think… should…. (Đọc những trường hợp sau và viết lách những câu với I think / I don’t think… should….)

1. Peter and Judy are planning to tướng get married. You think it’s a bad idea. (get married)

I don’t think they should get married.

2. You don’t lượt thích smoking, especially in restaurants. (be banned)

I think ________________ .

3. I have a very bad cold but I plan to tướng go out this evening. You don’t think this is a good idea.

You say to tướng me: (go out)__________________ .

4. You are fed up with the quấn. You think he has made too many mistakes.

(resign)________________ .

Gợi ý :

1. I don’t think they should get married.

2. I think smoking should be banned, especially in restaurants.

3. I don’t think you should go out this evening.

4. I think the quấn should resign.

Conditional sentence type 2 (Câu ĐK loại 2)

Exercise 3. Put the verbs into the correct khuông. (Cho dạng chính của động kể từ.)

1. They would be rather offended if I didn’t go to tướng see them, (not/go)

2. If you exercised more, you would feel better. (feel)

3. If I were offered the job. I think I ________ it. (take)

4. I’m sure Amy will lend you the money. I’d be very surprised if she ________ (refuse)

5. If I sold my xế hộp, I________ much money for it. (not/get)

6. A lot of people would be out of work if the factory________ . (close down)

7. What would happen if I ________ that red button? (press)

8. Liz gave bủ this ring. She ________ very upset if I lost it. (be)

9. Mark and Carol are expecting us. They would be disappointed if we ________ . (not/ come)

10. Would Tim mind if I________ his bicycle without asking him? (borrow)

11. If somebody________ in here with a gun, I’d be very frightened. (walk)

12. I’m sure Sue________ if you explained the situation to tướng her. (understand)

Gợi ý :

1. didn’t go

2. would feel

3. would take

4. refused

5. would not get

6. closed down

7. pressed

8. would be

9. didn’t come

10. borrowed

11. walked

12. would understand

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